Es File Explorer Zip Viewer

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While handling numerous files through our computer systems, and transferring heavy files over the network, the thing that eases our burden is Zipped or compressed files. Zipping the files not only reduces the memory consumed but also makes them easy to handle.

We have seen and used numerous Zip apps for our desktop systems. But now, we can also use this feature of compressing files on our Android devices as well. So here, we are going to discuss Es File Explorer Zip Viewer.

In order to avail of the facility of Zipping files of your Android device, the app you need to install on your device is Es File Explorer.

Decompressing Zipped Files through Es File Explorer Zip Viewer

The process of decompressing your files through Es File Explorer is quite easy. You just need to follow few steps.

Firstly download Es File Explorer zip viewer apk on your Android device and install it. After that, navigate those files or folders you want to decompress from your device. Tap on this file/folder.

You will be asked to select the mean of opening this document. Choose ‘Es Zip Viewer’ and if you want, you can even make it a default app for decompressing your files.

By this action, Es file Explorer’s Compression Manager will be opened up. Now tap and press the required zip file, until the tick appears on it. Tap the zip icon present at the top of your device screen and select the location where you want to save your document after decompression.

By following this step, you can select the path of your choice to store your unzipped files. After choosing the required destination, click Ok. After a while, you will receive a confirmation message for uncompressing your files.

Compressing files through Es File Explorer Zip Viewer

The process of compressing your files or folders through Es file explorer zip viewer is as easy as it is to decompress them. Here again, you would need the help of the Es file explorer file manager.

Start the process by going to the Es File Explorer file managing app. Search for the files or folders you want to be zipped. On finding them, select them through pressing for a few seconds. When tick appears, it means your file is selected. Remember, you can select more than one file as well.

Select the ‘three dots’ icon present at the top corner of your device screen. When the popup menu appears, select the compress option. After performing this action, you will get a popup file asking for the name and other properties of the compressed file.

You will also be given an option to select different levels of compression. But it is better to get stuck with the default option. The app will also ask you about putting the password in the zip folder/file.

After setting properties, press the OK button. You will get a confirmation message about the status of the compressed file. This is all that you need to do for making zipped folders for your documents. Remember, your zipped file will be stored at the same location where the original file was present.

Wrap-up: Es File Explorer Zip Viewer

Here, you have read all about compressing and decompressing your folders/files through Es File Explorer Zip Viewer. It is quite a simple process. Here we have used this file managing app. There are certain dedicated apps are also available that can compress/decompressed your files as well. These apps also give the user an opportunity to perform further actions like encrypting etc.