Es File Explorer Pro User Guide

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If you are an Android user, then you must know about the Es File Explorer app. It comes under one of the most popular file manager apps that provides a wide variety of functionality.

Though Es File Explorer comes with easy to use user interface, first-time users might feel difficulty in using this app properly.

Therefore, this write-up aims to help those people who are planning to start using Es File Explorer incredible app on their Android devices. Here, we will discuss Es File Explorer pro user guide briefly.

Es File Explorer Pro User Guide

While writing this Es File Explorer user manual, it is supposed that you have already downloaded and installed this app on your Android device. Let’s proceed further to know how it works:

Es File Explorer Pro User Guide – Performing Basic File Functions

When you start using any file manager app, the first thing you normally do is performing copy, moving or browsing functions. All these functions are quite easy to perform in Es File Explorer-like you perform in other apps or interfaces.

In order to perform basic file functions like copy, pasting and other operations, open your Es File Explorer app. You will see a few folders on the screen.

At this point, you will be present on the cd card panel of your device. From here, you can change the location by clicking the drop-down of the cd card panel and selecting the location where you want to move your file.

Similarly, you can open any folder or media file by performing the same steps. In order to perform further functions like moving files, deleting or others, you can keep pressing the file for a few seconds. In this way, you will get the options appearing at the bottom of your screen.

Select the appropriate option and press it. You can also select multiple items to perform any of these functions.

Es File Explorer Pro User Guide – Performing Search Function

In this section of the Es File Explorer user guide, we will discuss how to search for files from your app. First of all check for look for Search icon present on your device screen.

After finding it, click it and type the name of the required file. If you don’t remember the name exactly, you can also enter some basic info about your file. Moreover, you can also mention the file location only. Once you are done with typing info press ‘Search’, and here you go!

Es File Explorer Pro User Guide – Altering the Size of Icon

In this part of the Es File Explorer pro user guide, we will discuss another important function that you could perform through your file manager. It is changing the size of the icon of your files or folders. This one again like previous functions is quite easy to perform through Es File Explorer.

In order to perform this operation, look at the bottom of your device screen. You will get the View button. Click this button and select any of the desired sizes for your files’ icon.

Wrap-Up: Es File Explorer Pro User Guide

Here we have discussed basic features that can come handy for new users. There are many other features, which this wonderful app has to offer you. This Es File Explorer pro user guide serves the purpose of a starter only. Explore more to get a know-how of other features of this app.